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Wallet Labeling - Identifying your Targeted Audience

Introduction: As the web3 ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, DApp founders are constantly searching for innovative ways to understand their users and tailor their offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of this dynamic market. Spock Analytics, a powerful web3 DApp and wallet analytics tool, has emerged as a game-changer for DApp founders and web3 […]

4 Proven Web3 Traction Channels to Boost Your DApp User Acquisition

Discover the secrets of DeFi growth success that I learned through years of trial and error. As a DeFi marketer who has been in the trenches for years, I understand firsthand the frustration that comes with user acquisition in the web3 space. The technology is complex, user awareness is low, and there is no industry […]

Revolutionize Your Web3 Growth Strategy with Spock Analytics' DApp Dashboard

As the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry continues to grow, dApps (decentralized applications) have become increasingly popular. However, with so many dApps available, it can be challenging for dApp owners to track and analyze their performance. This is where Spock Analytics comes in, providing dApp owners with a powerful analytics tool to monitor and improve their […]

Unifying On-Chain and Off-Chain Data: The Key to Unlock Holistic User Insights

Decentralized applications, or dApps, provide trustless, censorship-resistant, and transparent solutions to various industries. DApps are built on blockchain technology, which allows for secure data storage and peer-to-peer transactions. However, from the builder’s standpoint, the success of dApps relies not only on on-chain data but also on off-chain data. Therefore, analyzing both on-chain and off-chain data […]

Web3 Analytics: Simplify Your Product Growth

What makes a product successful? Or, to be more specific, what makes a Web3 product successful? You may find yourself becoming overwhelmed by many articles, videos, tutorials, and other kinds of content all over the internet that highlight 100s of ways to help establish and grow your Web3 product. But how do you know what […]

Revamping Spock: The Story Behind Our Rebranding

Spock Analytics allows you to accelerate your dApps’ growth by providing valuable insights to make data-driven decisions. We are excited to share that as a part of our revamp strategy, we are rebranding Spock by introducing a new logo, updated website, and enhanced app. We chose to do so because, initially we began with the idea […]

DApp User Journey Analytics

In the world of decentralized applications (dApps) in the web3 ecosystem, user journey data can be an invaluable tool for creators looking to improve the user experience and drive adoption. By understanding how users interact with a dApp, creators can identify areas for improvement and optimize the user journey to make it as seamless and […]

Spock Search — A Wallet Search Engine

The vision of Spock is to facilitate Web3 companies to make sense of on-chain data. Spock is a wallet analytics platform to provide DAOs and protocols with the metrics they need to target, understand and grow their user base. Spock provides the core technology to kickstart the data revolution in the Web3 industry. Today we […]

Behavioral Analytics: How Spock helps you understand your user.

Spock launched 3 weeks ago, and our unique features are helping dApp creators with data-driven growth. This article explains how you can take advantage of wallet behavioral analytics offered by Spock to identify and target your ideal users. The need for behavioral analytics in Web3 Tools to analyze the behavior of users has existed in […]

Spock — Web3’s First Wallet Analytics Platform.

In this article we will be covering:1. What is Spock?2. What problem is it solving?3. Features What is Spock? Spock is Web3’s first wallet analytics platform to provide DAOs and protocols with the metrics they need to target, understand and grow their user base. It integrates into your dApp and tracks the wallets which connect […]

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