October 2, 2022

Spock — Web3’s First Wallet Analytics Platform.

Author: Arham

In this article we will be covering:
1. What is Spock?
2. What problem is it solving?
3. Features

What is Spock?

Spock is Web3’s first wallet analytics platform to provide DAOs and protocols with the metrics they need to target, understand and grow their user base. It integrates into your dApp and tracks the wallets which connect to it.


The concept of product-market fit does exist in Web3 right now. The recent boom in user activity has largely been fueled by unsustainably high yields and skyrocketing token prices. After the cooling down of this frenzy, Web3 companies need to focus on creating real value for their users, and that means they need to understand the on-chain user behavior. All the analytics platforms largely focus on analyzing projects from the point of view of an investor. None of them focuses on the on-chain behavior of wallet addresses, and dApps will need a platform that does this for them.


Spock is an on-chain data analytics platform that makes sense of the on-chain activity of your users.


Wallet Profiling

It creates a profile after analyzing the on-chain activity of a wallet address and provides actionable insights like.

Wallet Journey

Spock analyzes the whole journey of a wallet on your dApp from connecting their wallet to submitting a transaction and provides actionable insights to improve wallet retention.

Token Utility

Understand how your token is being used:

  1. How much of it is staked
  2. How much of it is vested
  3. Liquidity of your token on DEXs
  4. Whale holding

Our website contains a free interactable demo for you to see what the dashboard provides and how can you use it. Visit spockanalytics.xyz today to try our demo.