SDK & Privacy

Set Up the SDK for Off-Chain Data Insights

Configuring the Spock SDK is essential to unlock and collect off-chain data generated by your dApp. This setup empowers you with valuable insights, including wallet connections, user sessions, funnels, wallet journeys, and more. DApp Specific Initialization & Tracking. The Spock SDK is fully customizable, allowing you to track specific data points within your dApp. While the full SDK offers six different data points, the choice of what to track is entirely up to you.

Leverage Explore, Probe, and Engage for Maximum Impact

To fully utilize Spock Analytics' 'Explore and Probe' capabilities, make sure to activate the following data points within your dApp:
1. Web3 Data
2. Browser Profile
3. Demographics
4. Navigations
5. UTM Params
To fully utilize Spock Analytics' 'Engage' capabilities, make sure to activate the following data points within your dApp:
1. Web3
2. UTM Params
3. Engage

Comprehensive Tracking for Informed Decisions

The Spock SDK offers six major modules that collectively enable you to comprehensively track various aspects within your dApp:
Data Points

Web3 (Mandatory)

Wallet address, Chain ID, Wallet type, Wallet connections, Max Gas, Fee, Quoted Gas Fee, Transaction Hash, Transaction Status, Submitted and Rejected Transaction Count and Failed Transaction

Browser Profile

Current URL, Operating System, Browser, Referrer, Device, Referring Domain, Screen Width, Screen Height and Search Engine


Country, City, and Region


Page views and external links

UTM Paramas

UTM Campaigns, UTM Content, UTM Medium, UTM Sources, UTM Terms


Campaign Pop-ups, campaign tracking

SDK Configuration

Configure the off-chain module of the SDK for off-chain data. Find more information


Prioritizing User Data Protection

At Spock Analytics, we prioritize user privacy within the Web3 ethos. We recommend initializing the SDK by passing optOut: true and then asking for user consent for tracking. If a user agrees, execute Web3Analytics.optInTracking. This approach ensures user consent is prioritized when collecting their off-chain data.

The Spock SDK operates in a privacy-conscious manner. If a user rejects or opts out of data tracking, the SDK refrains from monitoring off-chain data associated with that specific user. However, you still have the ability to analyze the user's on-chain behavior.

By emphasizing user privacy as our foremost priority, Spock Analytics, as a web3 analytics product, ensures that users can confidently engage with your dApp, knowing that their personal information and data remain protected.


No Spock Analytics doesn't use third-party cookies.

Currently, Spock only has one SDK available, which can be integrated to track web-based events.

No, the Spock SDK is not compatible with tracking data for applications that are specifically related to wallet types.

SDK monitors and logs wallet-related data, including behavior and activity within your dApp. Without tracking web3 datapoint, the resulting data may lack clarity and prove challenging to analyze in terms of user activity and behavior.
To gain a complete understanding of both off-chain and on-chain data, it's necessary to enable Web3 datapoint. Otherwise, while the data can still be displayed on the dashboard, it won't provide valuable insights within any of the metrics on the Spock dashboard.

Wondering how the dashboard would look like?