October 19, 2022

Behavioral Analytics: How Spock helps you understand your user.

Author: Arham

Spock launched 3 weeks ago, and our unique features are helping dApp creators with data-driven growth. This article explains how you can take advantage of wallet behavioral analytics offered by Spock to identify and target your ideal users.

The need for behavioral analytics in Web3

Tools to analyze the behavior of users has existed in the Web2 world for a long time, and due to the pseudonymous nature of blockchains, it has been not possible to do this using the tools from the traditional web.

Since the on-chain is public, it is possible to analyze the activity of individual wallets. Before Spock, there was no way to know which kinds of wallets Web3 product managers needed to target. If a team was building a product for liquidity providers, how would they which wallets are the most active liquidity providers on Uniswap?

This is how we came up with the idea of Spock because we were building a product for liquidity providers.

How to take advantage of behavioral analytics in Spock?

After you have integrated your dApp with Spock, it will start collecting data about your users.

SDK Integration Screen in app

Then with the help of our data engine, it will start putting labels on the wallets that connect to your dApp or in any way interact with the smart contracts.

Wallet Label Screen

Here you can see that the data engine has labeled the wallet as a liquidity provider and an explorer which means that they have been active LP in any DEX and is willing to explore new exotic DeFi protocols and might not be afraid to lose money while experimenting.

If you are building a new product for LPs that might significantly increase their yield, this specific wallet might be the right fit for your product.

At this moment, the app diagnoses issues in your dApp. In the future, the team at Spock will be focusing on how you can actually reach those users.

How will this feature improve in the future?

In the future, using machine learning, Spock will be able to help in the prescriptive analysis of potential users that visit your dApp and what activities they perform on-chain

Take Spock onboard and start your data-driven growth today. Visit spockanalytics.xyz and access our free interactable demo to understand how Spock can be useful for you.