June 13, 2023

Warp Update: The Next Level of DApp Analytics

Author: Arham

Spock Analytics, our next-gen, dApp analytics platform, is thrilled to announce a significant update. We’re introducing groundbreaking features designed to revolutionize how you analyze and leverage data for your dApps. In this article, we will explore the exciting new capabilities that Spock Analytics brings to the table, empowering dApp founders, and growth teams, to unlock key insights and drive exponential growth.

Revamped UI

Spock Analytics got a huge makeover in which the overall UI has been completely redesigned. This revamp was done after getting frequent feedback from our users. The new interface consists of three top-level options: View, Understand, and Token. 


The View option offers an overview of the dApp and presents analytics points related to it. Users can quickly grasp the overall state of their dApp data and explore various analytics insights.


Understand provides detailed dashboards related to users' wallets, offering specific data and insights that help you understand your users. Users can access comprehensive information about the wallets and users engaging with their dApp. Understand also offers detailed wallet data analysis.


Token features got a fresh new look and can be easily accessed from the projects page of the app.

Features breakdown

User Journey

The unified version of the Journey feature consolidates data on user navigation and wallet interactions. Users can gain insights into the steps users take and analyze their journey through the dApp. This unified approach simplifies data analysis and provides a holistic view of user behavior, identifies pain points, helps you make decisions for feature enhancements or modifications, and pinpoints areas of high user drop-off. 

Understand Wallets Dashboard

Within the Understand option, the dashboard presents valuable information about the wallets connected or transacting on the dApp. Users can gain insights into the total number of wallets, wallet labels, average fee ranges, and wallet types used by users. Spock Analytics continuously adds more average data points to provide a comprehensive overview of wallet activity.

Wallet Labels

The improved wallet labels feature highlights the most important and common wallet labels extracted from their on-chain behavior. Users can easily identify key wallet characteristics and understand user behavior and profiles. For a more detailed analysis of all labels associated with the dApp and its users, users can click on "View All Labels" to access a complete breakdown.

Discover Wallets

The new update introduces a game-changing tool called Discover Wallets, taking analytics beyond the surface level. This powerful feature lets Spock Analytics users discover lookalike wallets that are relevant to their growth. Spock uses wallet label data to find lookalike wallets. This data can be used to acquire more users through highly targeted data campaigns.

Advanced Filters and Customizable Data Tables

In addition to its robust features, Spock Analytics now offers an essential component that enhances a DApps data analysis experience. This component enables you to customize their analytics view. By applying filters based on metrics like user behavior, last time the wallet was connected, or acquisition sources, you can narrow down your analysis to the most relevant data points and gain a deeper understanding of your users.

Retention Metrics

The view section consists of a new retention metrics feature through which you can keep track of the different wallet statuses. It shows a concise breakdown of retention metrics like Unique Wallets, Active Wallets, New Wallets, Interacting Wallets, and Extracting Wallets

SDK Improvements

Spock Analytics’ SDK is now more powerful than ever. SDK has the capability to better identify and distinguish the users from their sessions and wallet interactions. The user journey is more detailed and more data metrics can now be recorded. The new SDK also comes with privacy features.

Privacy Features

Spock Analytics' SDK incorporates strict opt-in scenarios, to ensure we only utilize user data that you consent to. Through the opt-out features, you can restrict the SDK from recording off-chain metrics (for example web2 data like browser types, location, and device types).

Seamless Onboarding

We are excited to introduce a significant enhancement to the onboarding process of Spock Analytics. The improved onboarding experience comes with a stepped approach. Each step unlocks different sets of dApp analytics for you.

Smart Contract: Smart Contract configuration helps you to unlock on-chain data metrics. The new user experience lets you easily set up one or more smart contracts and manage them easily while ensuring they are fully synchronized.

SDK: SDK lets you track off-chain data metrics and couples them with the on-chain data so that you get a unified view of the dApp data.

Adapters: Adapters let you make further sense of your on-chain data making the overall dApp analytics more powerful.

What’s Next

  1. SDK & adapter customizations: custom events for wallet journey, protocol-specific user labels. For example: lender and borrower labels for lending protocols.
  2. Cover more ground with Highlights and introduce new types of insights for our users to review every day.
  3. New user statuses: Churned, retained, resurrected, expanded, contracted, and at risk users.
  4. User’s positions in a protocol.
  5. Discover users using a custom criteria.
  6. Competitor analysis: On-chain insights into competitors, their user base, a summary of their transactions, and usage.
  7. Add support for more NFT collections.
  8. Analysis of cross-chain activity of users.
  9. Governance activities of wallet addresses.
  10. Social profiles linked to wallets addresses.
  11. Campaign features: Create on-chain campaigns for converting new users.
  12. Custom UX to convert high-value users that land on your dApp.
  13. Add support for more chains namely: Arbitrum, Avalanche, Optimism, and more.


With this significant update, Spock Analytics has taken dApp analytics to new heights, equipping the web3 world with powerful tools and features to unlock unprecedented insights and drive exponential growth. The improved onboarding process ensures a seamless and efficient experience, allowing users to quickly set up smart contracts, integrate SDK, and leverage adapters to make the most of their on-chain and off-chain data.

With this update, Spock Analytics reaffirms its commitment to delivering a comprehensive and user-friendly dApp analytics platform. Embrace the power of data-driven decision-making, uncover hidden opportunities, and drive exponential growth for your dApp with Spock Analytics. Discover the future of dApp analytics today.