December 9, 2023

Product Enhancements & New Features

Author: Adeena

We're back with some exciting new updates on Spock Analytics!

Let's take a look at what's brewing at the Spock HQ in the month of December ☕

What's New?

We are dedicated to bring you the best data and analytics experience that is going to reflect distinctly in our upcoming Data Engine. Spock's data engine will allow you to peek into the positions data of web3 protocols, as well as the the positions data of wallets connected to your own dApp.

Here is how we are starting our journey to building Spock's Data Engine. (And there's more to come!)

Data Engine

  • We have kickstarted development for position data of Top 10 DeFi protocols.
  • Engine development with Airflow DAGs and structure for extracting data from Google BigQuery.
  • Extracting and transforming Uniswap v3 position data for both core and periphery contracts.

Product Enhancements

New feature is not the only thing happening for Spock!

We believe in regular improvements of our current product to give you the best experience and insights into your dApp's performance.

Take a look at our latest product enhancements:

Refactoring Feature

  • We have significantly improved the Audience Builder by fixing choices and equation issues.
  • Implemented permanent fixes for login issues.

Engage Billing

  • Spock Analytics now has billing live in the Engage section.
  • Free users: Up to 50 free MSD; Upgrade plan with credit card if the limit exceeds.

Email Notifications

  • Users will now be able to receive email notifications for billing events including but not limited to upgrade, downgrade, and payment failure.

Your Feedback Matters!

Your feedback is our compass. We thrive on your insights and suggestions to continuously refine and improve our product. To that end, we invite you to visit Spock and explore our free interactable demo. 

Try out the new features, explore the capabilities, and let us know what you think at Your input guides us toward creating an analytics solution that truly meets your needs.