August 29, 2023

Enhanced Customizability, Privacy, and Deeper Insights

Author: Adeena

We're thrilled to share the latest enhancements and features we've been working hard to bring to your analytics experience.

Let's dive right in and explore the new additions to Spock Analytics:

SDK: Now More Customizable and Privacy-Focused

We have updated our SDK to make it more customizable and privacy-focused. Now, you can select the specific types of data Spock Analytics records for you. Whether it's browser profiles, demographics, web page navigations, or UTM parameters, you decide what information matters most for your analysis.

View and Understand Dashboards are now Unified

We've merged the previously separate "View" and "Understand" dashboards into a single, streamlined view. This update makes it incredibly convenient for you to access all your crucial insights in one place. Whether you're exploring high-level metrics or diving deep into the specifics, the unified dashboard lets you do it all with ease.

Wallets: Unveiling Deeper Insights

Wallet data and Wallet Connections are now seamlessly integrated onto a single page. By simply toggling the switch at the top, you can effortlessly switch between different views, making the navigation experience smoother than ever.

Furthermore, we have introduced over 35 new data points to the wallet tables and filters. These additions include essential metrics like net worth, token holdings, and detailed information about users' NFTs.

As a nod to enhanced usability, ENS names are now displayed in place of addresses throughout the interface. Real-time updates bring your token holdings, net worth, NFT holdings, and labels to life, providing you with a dynamic view of your data.

What’s Coming?

We're not stopping here – exciting developments are on the horizon. In the coming updates, we're gearing up to introduce features like Wallets-to-Twitter profiles, campaign creation tools, and competitor insights.

Your Feedback Matters!

Your feedback is our compass. We thrive on your insights and suggestions to continuously refine and improve our product. To that end, we invite you to visit Spock and explore our free interactable demo. 

Try out the new features, explore the capabilities, and let us know what you think at Your input guides us toward creating an analytics solution that truly meets your needs.