October 3, 2023

Engage Feature Launch & Product Enhancements

Author: Adeena

Greetings from the Spock Analytics team! We're excited to bring you the latest developments in the month of September from the Spock Analytics HQ, packed with enhancements and brand-new features, that will elevate your analytics experience.

Let's dive right in:

Feature Reveal: Engage is Now Live!

Engage empowers you to interact directly with your users, bridging the gap between your dApp and its audience. With Spock Engage, you can send personalized messages to your users by creating a highly targeted audience segment based on your preferred criteria to efficiently engage and retain them, creating lasting relationships that drive growth. 📈

Our Engage Feature has three major components:

  1. Build your audience: Seamlessly create tailored audience segments with three distinct methods.
    1. Look-Alike Wallet Audience: We have profiled over 40 million wallet addresses based on their on-chain behavior using wallet labels, allowing you to create a segment of users who closely match your current audience with a simple click!
    2. Build a Custom Wallet Audience: Create precise audiences by utilizing criteria such as tokens held, behavioral traits, blockchain
    3. Import Audience: Upload your pre-existing wallet address lists and dive straight into campaign execution.
  1. Campaign Creation: Create personalized messages that resonate with your selected wallet segment. Add CTAs, special offers, or any content aligning with your campaign goals.
  1. Campaign Tracking: Engage’s Track section provides you with real-time metrics that offer valuable insights into how your campaign is doing.

Pre-Built Templates to Jumpstart Your Campaign

We understand the importance of user acquisition and engagement. Spock now offers a default template list that simplifies your targeting process. Templates include options such as targeting whales, NFT holders, DEX traders, and more. These templates will help you tailor your campaigns for maximum impact.💥

➡️ Learn more about Engage.

Upcoming Features: Variable Support in Text Editor

We have an exciting feature on the horizon – variable support in the text editor for crafting In-App Dialog messaging. This addition will offer more flexibility and customization in your user engagement strategies.📜

Product Updates:

Streamlined UI and Structural Improvements

  • Improved Filters and Edit Columns UX.
  • Data points in the app are now thoughtfully categorized into five major sections: Wallet, Session, Protocol, This Session, and Global.
  • Additionally, we've introduced convenient breadcrumbs in the Engage and Configuration sections to enhance navigation.

Spock SDK is Now Open Source

Privacy and transparency are at the forefront of our commitment. In response to these principles, we're thrilled to announce that the Spock SDK is now open-source and publicly accessible. This means anyone, including users and clients, can access and review the SDK code, ensuring complete transparency in data handling.

Unified Session Data Management

To simplify data management, we've merged Wallet connection and Session data into a unified session table. This streamlines your data analysis process, making it more efficient and intuitive.

Spock SDK Updates

Engage data points are now live in the latest version of our SDK. This empowers users to create campaigns and efficiently track campaign data, giving you greater control and insights.

Bug Fixes

Our commitment to a seamless experience led us to address several bugs, including content issues and filter-related challenges⚠️.

Try out the new features, explore the capabilities, and let us know what you think at hello@spockanalytics.xyz. Your input guides us toward creating an analytics solution that truly meets your needs.