December 23, 2023

Data Engine Development & UX Improvement

Author: Adeena

Gm y'all! ☀️

We've got the latest update ready for you on Spock Analytics.

Data Engine Development

Our latest feature, Data Engine is well under construction. We have been working on the development of transformation for position data of the Top 6 DeFi protocols which include:

  • Uniswap v3 (Done)
  • A51 (In Progress)
  • Sushiswap (Inprogress)
  • Compound
  • Lido
  • Balancer 
  • AAVE

We've successfully finalized the generalized structure for our data engine, setting the stage for seamless transformations on new protocols in the future. 


  • Resolved syncing services issue and introduced resyncing support in the engine.
  • Figured out and implemented solutions for public datasets related to ERC20 tokens.

Code Refactoring

  • Reduced code redundancy across the entire app, particularly in the tables.
  • Enhanced client-side code for navigation and other components.

UX Improvement

We've enhanced the rendering of chain syncing data. This means that if one chain is syncing while another chain's data is already synced, the synchronized data from the fully synced chain is now fully accessible for the user to view, even if the data from the other chain is still syncing.

Your Feedback Matters!

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