July 7, 2023

5+ Chains Unlocked & New Feature Release

Author: Arham

Gm frens! ☀️

We’re back with some exciting updates on Spock Analytics! We’ve introduced some new features, added more supported chains, and of course, some essential bug fixes!

Let’s dive in!

💥 What’s New?

New Feature Unlocked: Funnel 🎁

Introducing our all-new feature, Funnel

This groundbreaking feature allows you to dive deep into your dApp insights and gain a comprehensive view of your conversion process! From user acquisition to transaction submission, Funnel breaks down the user journey into 4 definitive steps to help you create an optimized journey for your decentralized application. 

Take a look at what these steps entail:

  1. 🪐 Acquisition: Track and analyze the users who land on your dApp through various mediums and identify the best acquisition channels for your dApp.
  2. 💫 Wallet Connections: View the users who are connecting their wallets to your dApp in real-time and understand engagement and adoption rate like never before!
  3. ⚡ Transaction Initiations: Identify the number of users who have interacted with your dApp by initiating a transaction and gain valuable insights into user intent and user experience.
  4. ✅ Transaction Submission: Finally, transaction submission displays the number of users who have successfully performed a transaction on your dApp, giving you insights on your conversion rate.

With the introduction of funnels, also gain a birds-eye view of the friction points in your funnel, drop-off points, and create data-driven strategies to engage and convert more users. 

Better Funneling = Better Conversions

Addition of Supported Chains ⛓️

Attention builders! Spock now supports 4 more chains, amounting to a total of 7 chains! 🥳

  1. Ethereum 
  2. BNB
  3. Polygon
  4. Optimism
  5. Fantom
  6. Arbitrum
  7. Avalanche

Which chain should we add in next? 😉 

Bug Fixes 🐞

And with each new update, comes bug fixes. We aim to give you the best of the best! And making sure that you have a great experience on Spock is our top priority!  


  • New Feature Unlocked: Funnel
  • Addition of Supported Chains
  • Bug Fixes

That’s it for now from the Spock Headquarters. We will be back next month with more exciting updates and additions to our ecosystem.

Until then, keep building! 🖖
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