October 26, 2023

The Power of We: Community-Led Growth Strategies for Web3

Author: Adeena

The paradigm shift into web3 has redefined the way we build and nurture communities. These communities play a vital role in shaping the future of decentralized technologies and the digital landscape as a whole. 

But what does "community" truly mean in the web3 ecosystem, and how can we harness the power of community-led growth to drive innovation and adoption?

In this article, we will explore the essence of communities in the Web3 universe, dissect the concept of community-led growth, delve into its core principles, introduce strategies to foster growth, address critical questions you should consider when embarking on this journey, and showcase real-world case studies that exemplify the art of building successful Web3 communities.

The Power of Web3 Communities

Communities in the Web3 space transcend geographical borders, bringing together like-minded individuals and enthusiasts connected by a common interest, goal, or vision. These communities are often the driving force behind blockchain projects, decentralized applications (dApps), and cryptocurrencies, actively participating in their development, governance, and promotion. They are a dynamic ecosystem where participants have the opportunity to collaborate, share knowledge, and collectively shape the trajectory of these technologies.

Community-Led Growth: A Holistic Approach

Community-led growth, the cornerstone of success in the Web3 ecosystem, goes beyond mere token distribution or marketing tactics. It represents a profound commitment to fostering an inclusive, sustainable, and dynamic ecosystem where the community is not just a user of the project; they are a part of the project.

This holistic approach recognizes the invaluable role community members play as co-creators, advocates, and stakeholders, and it's this collaborative spirit that propels Web3 projects to new heights of success. 

As we explore real-world case studies, we'll witness these principles in action, demonstrating how they have redefined the way we build and nurture communities in the Web3 universe.

CLG Core Principles

According to The Art of Community: Seven Principles for Belonging, written by Charles H. Vogl, community-led growth is driven by seven foundational principles:

Shared Values

Within Web3 communities, the belief is that shared values are a cornerstone. These values create the sense that others appreciate what we appreciate and dislike what we dislike.

Establishing Boundaries

Web3 communities recognize the significance of boundaries, which differentiate insiders (members) from outsiders. The emphasis is on creating a safe haven for insiders rather than isolating outsiders. This is achieved through channel separation and by employing different roles (and possibly representing them through NFTs) to distinguish between community members and outsiders.


Initiation rituals are seen as a way to officially recognize and welcome individuals into the community. NFT issuance serves as a clear demarcation between those outside and inside, with the possibility of various NFT tiers to distinguish between levels of participation.

Cultural Rituals

Rituals, encompassing practices that mark significant moments or events, play a crucial role in bringing the community together. These rituals include meetups, conferences, workshops, webinars, and educational courses, aimed at uniting community members and adding value to their experience.


In Web3, the "temple" is where members with shared values enact their community's rituals. This can take the form of a Telegram group, a Discord space, or a physical venue for meetups and conferences.


Within Web3 communities, storytelling is a pivotal element that helps members, prospective members, and outsiders grasp the community's values and identity. Among these narratives, origin stories, which explain the community's beginnings, hold a place of utmost significance. These stories are not just chronicles; they are the embodiment of the community's authentic values and the journey that led to its existence.


Symbols are powerful representations of a community's core ideas and values. They offer a convenient means of encapsulating and conveying complex concepts with remarkable simplicity. These symbols serve as constant reminders of the community's shared values, identity, and commitment. In Web3 communities, virtually anything can serve as a symbol, and they play a vital role in forging connections and reinforcing shared beliefs.

Inner Rings

Communities create multiple levels of inner rings, each with unique benefits related to a member's maturity or role. As members progress, they gain access to new knowledge, authority, acknowledgment, and respect.

CLG Strategies

Now that we are familiar with the core principles of community building, let’s explore some key strategies of community-led growth. Web3 communities operate on a set of strategic pillars, combining innovation, engagement, and sustainability. To understand these strategies better, let's delve into each one:

Empowering Community Members

The essence of community-led growth lies in empowering its members. It's about recognizing that the individuals who make up the community are more than mere users; they are active contributors, co-creators, and advocates. By acknowledging this fact, Web3 projects embrace a more inclusive and dynamic approach to development and expansion.

Shared Ownership and Governance

In the Web3 universe, the community often shares ownership and decision-making powers, thanks to tokenomics and decentralized governance mechanisms. This shared ownership means that the project's success is inextricably linked to the interests and aspirations of its community members. In this collaborative model, members have a say in the project's development, thereby creating a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Co-Creation and Evolution

Web3 communities are not passive bystanders but co-creators of the technology they support. Members actively engage in discussions, propose improvements, and even contribute to the codebase. This co-creation ensures that the project aligns with the evolving needs and preferences of its user base, making it more adaptable to changes in the dynamic Web3 landscape.

Sustainability as the North Star

While many projects in the Web3 space experience rapid growth, the emphasis on community-led growth is on sustainability. Sustainable growth transcends short-term gains, focusing on long-term viability and relevance. It's about fostering a loyal and dedicated community that will stand the test of time and adapt to the ever-changing environment.

Engendering Trust and Belonging

The sense of trust and belonging within Web3 communities is profound. Members genuinely feel that their contributions matter, and they trust the project's commitment to shared values and goals. This deep trust creates a robust foundation upon which communities can thrive and innovate.

A Cycle of Improvement

Community-led growth operates as a virtuous cycle. The community is not just the beneficiary but also the driving force behind the project's success. The more a community contributes, the more the project evolves and improves, leading to increased member engagement and an ever-expanding ecosystem.

Beyond the Transactional Relationship

Traditional business models often focus on transactional relationships with customers. In Web3 communities, it's not just about transactions but about fostering meaningful and lasting relationships. The relationships built within these communities often extend beyond mere financial interactions to personal connections and a shared sense of purpose.

Real-World Case Studies

Here are some web3 communities that have proved themselves in the art of community building.


DeveloperDAO is a vibrant community that caters to developers and tech enthusiasts in the Web3 ecosystem. It is a hub for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and innovation in blockchain and decentralized technologies.

Why DeveloperDAO Stands Out:

DeveloperDAO stands out for its dedication to fostering technical talent and providing a space for learning, building, and networking. The community thrives on its collective spirit of innovation and cooperation. It is a platform that actively encourages members to explore and contribute to the evolving Web3 landscape.

Social Platforms:

  • Discord
  • Github


Buildspace is an educational community designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in Web3 development. It offers a wide range of courses, workshops, and mentoring programs to equip aspiring developers with practical skills.

Why Buildspace Stands Out:

Buildspace is unique for its laser focus on education and hands-on learning. The community stands out by providing a structured and immersive environment where individuals can gain real-world experience in building Web3 projects. It bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Social Platforms:

  • Discord


Gitcoin is a multifaceted community that incentivizes open-source development and collaboration within the Web3 space. It has a distinct focus on funding and rewarding developers for their contributions to various open-source projects.

Why Gitcoin Stands Out:

Gitcoin stands out for its innovative approach to incentivizing open-source development. Through its platform, it connects developers with projects seeking contributions and provides a mechanism for financial rewards. Gitcoin's commitment to fostering a decentralized, open-source ecosystem makes it a vital community for Web3 development.

Social Platforms:

  • Discord
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Github


Learnweb3DAO is an educational community dedicated to guiding individuals in the intricacies of Web3 technology. It offers comprehensive courses, workshops, and resources aimed at educating members about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and decentralized applications.

Why Learnweb3DAO Stands Out:

Learnweb3DAO differentiates itself through its focus on education and the depth of its course offerings. The community's emphasis on equipping members with the knowledge to navigate and excel in the Web3 landscape makes it a prominent destination for those eager to learn.

Social Platforms:

  • Discord
  • Github

10 Questions to Consider Before Starting Your Community

Before embarking on the journey of building a Web3 community, it's crucial to address some fundamental questions:

  1. Why do you want to start a web3 community?
  2. What is your vision?
  3. What are the core values and beliefs that will unite your community?
  4. How will you provide value to your community members?
  5. Is your community exclusive or open to everyone?
  6. Are you prepared for sustainable growth, and what strategies will you employ?
  7. Are you ready to commit your time and effort to your community?
  8. What mechanisms will you use to define and maintain the boundaries of your community?
  9. How can the members contribute towards the vision of the community?
  10. What rituals or special practices will mark important community moments and bring members together?


In the Web3 ecosystem, communities are the beating heart of innovation and adoption. By embracing the principles of community-led growth, employing effective strategies, and answering critical questions, you can cultivate a thriving community that drives the evolution and adoption of blockchain technologies and decentralized ecosystems. The journey to success in the Web3 universe begins with shared values, data-driven decisions, and a commitment to sustainable growth.

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