December 22, 2023

Inside Probe: A Guide to the Acquisition Feature

Author: Adeena

Probe Acquisition Feature

Spock Analytics is not just a regular product. It is an all-in-one blend of cutting-throat growth tools with features that can propel your web3 product to new heights. From on-chain analytics like dApp interactions & transactional data to off-chain insights like audience segmentation & acquisition impact, Spock has you covered throughout the product journey.

Today we will unbox one of our key features, Acquisition from Probe, our strategic data report center.

As the name suggests, the Acquisition dashboard is all you need to view your customer acquisition path in a bird's eye view. But don't be mistaken; this bird's eye view can be further classified into unit analytics. Ultimately helping you understand bit by bit, your user acquisition strategies.

Probe's Acquisition Dashboard - Spock

Exploring User Visits

At the heart of Acquisition is the ability to track the total visits to your dApp within a specified timeframe. Think of it as a pulse check for your platform's popularity. By gauging the frequency of visits, you gain a real-time understanding of your dApp's traction.

Decoding User Sources

Identifying the channels that drive traffic to your dApp is crucial for optimizing your outreach efforts. With Acquisition, Probe meticulously tracks user sources, unveiling the pathways users take to discover and engage with your platform. Whether it's social media, referral links, or other channels, you'll have a comprehensive map of your user acquisition landscape.

Unveiling Demographic Insights

User demographics play a pivotal role in tailoring your strategies. Probe goes beyond counting visits and delves into the age, location, and other demographic factors of your user base. Imagine having a virtual magnifying glass that provides a clear picture of who your users are.

Consider a DeFi dApp that observes a spike in visits during a specific time frame. With Acquisition, the platform identifies that this surge is linked to a social media campaign targeting users interested in decentralized exchanges. Armed with this insight, the dApp can further refine its marketing strategy, potentially leading to even more visits and conversions.


  1. Targeted Marketing Strategies: Armed with knowledge about your audience, you can fine-tune your marketing strategies. For instance, if you discover a surge in users from a particular region, you can tailor campaigns that resonate with that specific demographic.
  2. Increased Engagement: Understanding user sources helps you focus your efforts on the most effective channels. This targeted approach not only drives more traffic but also increases overall user engagement, as you're reaching the right audience with the right message.
  3. Enhanced ROI: Every dApp interaction matters. Acquisition insights enable you to invest your resources wisely, optimizing your return on investment by directing efforts where they yield the most significant impact.


Knowing where your users come from is a game-changer. And so, we have modeled Probe in such a way that the Acquisition feature becomes your compass, guiding you through the intricacies of user acquisition. By unraveling the origins of your user base, you not only enhance your platform's performance but also set the stage for sustained growth through data and facts.

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