October 30, 2023

Boost User Engagement through Audience Segments

Author: Moazzam Kamran

In the fast-paced world of decentralized applications (dApps), engaging with your users effectively is what guarantees stickiness. Spock’s Engage is a powerful tool from Spock, that helps dApp’s bridge the gap between their applications and their audience. 

Engage is packed with multiple features such as Audience Segments, through which dApp growth teams can enhance their user retention process. Let's dive into it, shall we? 

Building Audience Segments

Let’s begin by discussing how to build audience segments. Spock has analyzed over 40 million wallet addresses based on their on-chain activity. These addresses are like digital footprints, and Spock has assigned labels to them based on their behavior. 

With a simple click and selection of your desired blockchain, Engage creates a segment of wallet addresses that closely resemble your current user base.

Why Audience Segmentation is Important

Targeted Campaigns: Engage empowers you to run campaigns that specifically target this segmented audience. By offering them incentives or benefits when they land on your dApp, you increase the chances of converting them into active users.

Example: Let's say you're the developer of a decentralized finance (DeFi) dApp, and you're using Spock to help you evolve your customer engagement. You've identified a segment of users who have a history of actively participating in DeFi protocols on the Ethereum blockchain. This segment closely resembles your existing user base, making them prime candidates for conversion into active users of your dApp.

Higher Conversion Rates: These users are handpicked because they resemble your existing audience. This means they are more likely to convert and stay engaged with your dApp.

Example: Imagine you run a DeFi platform targeting yield farmers. With Engage, you can create a customized campaign offering competitive Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) and exclusive governance tokens. By identifying and engaging with this user segment, you not only boost conversion rates but also foster user loyalty. This personalized approach keeps your platform at the forefront of their DeFi choices, ensuring long-term engagement and growth.

Building a Custom Wallet Audience

Spock's audience builder is more than just a filter; it's your strategic tool for creating custom audiences tailored to your campaign goals. With advanced criteria at your fingertips, you can craft audiences as broad or niche as you need.

Criteria for Building Custom Audiences:

  • Tokens & NFT Holdings: You can select specific tokens and NFTs that users hold in their wallets. This is incredibly useful for targeting audiences interested in particular assets.
  • Traits: Spock allows you to pick from various behavioral traits such as DEX Traders or Cross-chain Hoppers. This enables you to target users based on their on-chain behavior.
  • Most Active On Chain: Engage lets you generate a list of wallet addresses that are most active on a particular blockchain. This helps you concentrate your efforts where they matter most.
  • Net Worth: If you want to maximize your ROI, you can aim your campaigns at high net-worth wallet addresses.
  • Wallet Lifetime: Engage also lets you identify wallet addresses that have been active for extended periods, offering a potentially more engaged audience.

Real-Time Session Metrics

Spock Engage takes user interaction up a notch with its Real-time Session Metrics feature. This feature enables you to set campaign triggers based on user activities as they happen, providing a responsive and personalized user experience.

Examples of Real-Time Triggers:

  • Rejected Transactions: Imagine a wallet address that has rejected more than 5 transactions in a single session. This could indicate indecisiveness or confusion. With Real-time Session Metrics, you can trigger a campaign offering assistance to help them complete a transaction.
  • Failed Transactions: If a wallet address experiences 2 failed transactions in a single session, this could be a sign of technical issues or high gas fees. You can immediately offer them a gas refund to alleviate their concerns and improve their experience.

Spock Engage's Real-Time Session Metrics can be accessed conveniently through the Audience Builder.


Spock’s Engage equips dApp developers and growth teams with the tools they need to engage users more effectively. By building targeted audience segments and utilizing real-time triggers, you can enhance user conversion rates and ensure a more personalized user experience. Engage with Engage and take your dApp to the next level of success.

Read the detailed product documentation here.

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