February 20, 2023

Spock Update V0.8

Author: Arham

This week in our weekly update we have fixed some old issues and brought in some new features. What are they? let’s find out.

What’s new:

  • We have reimagined the User Journey flow and created 2 sub-parts of it:
  • DApp flow — Here you can now see the whole flow of a user interacting in the dApp. Hovering on it will show the number of wallets that proceeded and dropped out of the total traffic.
  • Wallet Flow — Here you can see the wallet’s sessions connected and dropped or initialized a transaction.
  • You can now export your wallet analytics data on CSV. It shows you the option to Export CSV on both charts.

Note to current users of Spock:

The new SDK V0.1.2 has been added. You would need to upgrade to get this new updated version of the data flow. For any queries you can reachout to us on hello@spockanalytics.xyz.

What’s fixed:

  • We got your feedback and did some UI improvements such as improvements in Web2 data visualization, and more.

Spock needs your feedback to improve more. Visit spockanalytics.xyz and use our free interactable demo and provide us with your feedback at hello@spockanalytics.xyz.